If art imitates life, then your breaking should serve as a reflection of your inner self. Taking the internal and letting it manifest externally through movement. More often than not, the qualities of your character and personality are on full display for everyone to see when you’re out on the floor.

An example could be how breakers who are very organized in their daily life tend to utilize that same ability to create structure within their dance and present their movement through composed “sets” or routines; While those with a more coarse approach to life often times express themselves through erratic, emotion-based movement, the emphasis focused on projecting what they feel in the present moment, as opposed to working with preconceived ideas.

The discovery of this paradigm can serve as a powerful tool and generate a connection to self that not only fills your dance with life and enhances your movement, but inspires you to dig deeper and practice a new form of mindfulness when jumping into your creative process.

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