With Breakin’ culture having roots in confrontation and battle, we forget that at the end of the day, we’re dancing. We are all engaging in an art form that is meant to be done from a place of joy and serve as a cathartic release. 

Living in this setting stresses us to focus our efforts on productivity; “putting in the work” to progress to the next plateau and arrive one step closer to our goals. The pressures and expectations that come along with this ambition can quickly turn a passion into a burden. You can begin to resent the dance and search for ways out, as opposed to digging deeper within yourself for the motivation to push forward. 

These feelings can easily be avoided with a simple shift in mentality. It begins when we honestly assess our position and figure out exactly what it is that drives us to do this thing that we do.

Is it the abilities? The recognition that comes along with them? Only once we recognize the root of our motivation can we choose the best course of action.

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