“In society, an artist plays the role of the independent variable with unknown value.

They carry the potential to make the most change because, their value is for them to determine.”



The name “Bred2Burn” stems from the belief that we were all born a champion in our own right, that we were all born to win. The term ‘burn’ in Hip Hop refers to a gesture that humiliates your opposition in competition. We take that term and use it as a technique to overcoming the obstacles that cloud the road towards our dreams and success.

For many, positive Hip Hop culture is a foreign concept or thing of the past. The negative imagery promoted through mainstream outlets leads many to see it as a bad influence. We fight to continue to set a strong example of how hip hop can positively effect communities around the world, using our collective voices to advocate for change, equality, and solidarity.

Bred2Burn aims to educate and inspire by way of passion-driven mentorship. Through the proliferation of our ideals, a worldwide community of artistic and innovative individuals is built. Founded on curriculum based teaching, our program structure offers classes, workshops, and hands-on teaching in Hip Hop’s original dance form, Breakin’.

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